The Angel Lady

"A Journey with My Spiritual Companions"

The Angel Lady by Susan Reynolds

Susan has the unique ability to communicate directly with her Guardian Angel Milo – and it is a gift that she attributes receiving directly from God. Having been in denial about her gift for many years, Susan was faced with the pivotal moment when she had to say, “Yes” to helping heal those who are hurt, those who feel alone, and those who don’t know God for themselves. She chronicles these events in the book alongside 24 others whom each share their Angelic encounters.

About the Book

I deem Susan as being authentic because she draws information from her experience with Angels rather than from literature, imagination, or hearsay. What scholars and scientists can do is stop quibbling and study the effects Angels have in the lives of people they touch.”
– Peter Roche de Coppens, Ph.D.,
East Stroudsburg University

* * *

From one word to the next I was zapped into a new way of thinking about Angels and the need to be a witness to God’s work in our daily lives.”
– Brookshire Lafayette, Founder/Host - –and–

* * *

This book is an intimate encounter with Sue and God. At the end of this reading experience you will have a different view of how God tries to speak if we will only listen!”
– Deacon Claudette Dyches, Author,
"Walking Through the Storm: My Story of Conquering Cancer