Here are brief descriptions of the different programs that are currently offered by the foundation, as well as our many past accomplishments.

Grief Counseling

Sue Reynolds counsels those grieving through spiritual direction.

Faith Sharing & Angel Talks

A group session whereby the Spirit of God is allowed to be expressed freely and shared with others. This is also an opportunity to talk with others about the miracles and happenings that they have experienced along with a short meditation to open the heart. Sue Reynolds is the facilitator.

Past accomplishments

Food for Friends

Food For Friends Outreach Ministry

As an outreach ministry, we sought to serve those individuals and families who for various reasons found themselves in need of basic sustenance because of financial disadvantages. This included the working poor, seniors, single parents and the homeless. We provided emergency groceries to those who were in need and tried to make available nutritious, health sustaining foods whenever possible. We chose to do this without judgment and with a sense of human dignity. From August 2009 to August 2010, we served over 11,000 individuals. The Food for Friends program began in 2002.

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Blessed Baby

This program was formulated due to the increasing need of assistance for families with children up to size 5 and expecting moms who were in need of clothing supplies such as diapers, formula, baby food etc. We tried to provide a network of donors who gave clothing, baby furniture etc. for people who were in immediate need. Many times the local hospital would call us for assistance for new moms without any means to help themselves. Since 2003, we helped approximately 2800 parents and children.

St. Joseph the Workers Wellness Center

Our healing/prayer ministry is geared towards bringing a balance within the body, mind and spirit, so that healing in all areas may be fully realized. All healing is from God and His Holy Spirit. We are only the humble tools that He uses. Our healing facilitators include Sue Reynolds, Deacon Jerry Reynolds, Antoinette Fitzgerald and Joanne Tahaney.
We offer referrals to 3 board certified psychologists and medical doctors when necessary.

College Connection

A 3-4 part lecture series on spirituality and angels was especially welcomed at East Stroudsburg University.

Religious Library

Books and music that allowed the spirit to soar.